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Rechasim (Hebrew: ####) is a Charedi town and local council in the Haifa District.



Population is approximately 8,000: 90-95% Chareidi; the mayor and city council are Chareidi.

There is a small percentage of native English speakers and a small percentage of Israelis who know English; very few second-generation English speakers, but this is slowly increasing with time.

All ages

Most of the community is composed of Israeli Chareidim from throughout the country (and from a variety of yeshivas, kollels, etc.). There is a significant Israeli baal teshuvah population – comfortably integrated into the community. The English speakers here are in two groups: young avreich couples who are almost all second generation speakers (parents immigrated and they grew up here), and older balebatim who are native speakers.

Most of the neighborhoods are religious and a few are mixed (the non-religious population is negligible at this point).

None of the neighborhoods are closed on Shabbos (even those that are 100% Chareidi) and there are occasionally cars that go through due to the small non-religious population, Arab workers and/or people coming in from other places.


HaRav Yaakov Meir Zonnenfeld is the rav of Rechasim.



There are two general chadorim, Tashbar HaRav and Toras Chaim. Tashbar is larger, older, accepts boys from the community, has a few English speakers in the administration, and is more established so it has more availability of government supplemental assistance. Toras Chaim is newer, the menahel is a native English speaker, and it is a bit more elite – mostly sons of avreich families.

There are also two Sephardic chadorim – one, Yakirei, more elite than the other.

There are several yeshivah ketanos in Rechasim.

For girls, there are three elementary schools - Beit Yaakov, Bat Melech and Ohel Sarah. Beit Yaakov is largest, older, accept girls from the community, menahelet speaks English, and is more establish so has more funding. Bat Melech is smaller, newer, a bit more elite – girls mostly from avreich families, off-site menahel is a native English speaker. Ohel Sarah is for Sephardic girls.

There are two girls high schools, one for Sephardi girls and a Beit Yaakov.

All schools in Rechasim are Chareidi and have high standards for admission. The student body is composed of local Rechasim children.

Groups & Programs

Geography & Climate

Located at the foot of the beautiful Carmel Mountain Range.



Haifa is the nearest main city. By car, it is approximately 15 minutes away, and there is also excellent bus transporation.

Nahariya is 30-40 minutes away. Tzfat is a bit over an hour. The Krayot are 10-20 minutes away. Afula is 30 minutes away.

The closet Chareidi center is Bnei Brak – about 1 1/2 hour away; Yerushalayim is 2 hours away.


Aside from avreichim, men are employed as "klei kodesh" and in computers, as well as doctors, accountants, librarians, electricians, plumbers, etc.

Women are employed in a variety of fields. A majority are teachers throughout the north, but there are many other professions, such as secretaries, computers, gananot (nursery teachers), etc.


Medical Services

Community Codes and Standards

Kashrus is strict – Eida Charedis level, and locally, HaRav Zonnenfeld (the Rav of Rechasim). Kosher phones predominate and smart phones are generally unacceptable. Some families have computers and some don't – internet is generally unacceptable except for work exceptions.

Though many learn in kollelim, there is also a large balebatish community – many working, some learning.


Why Rechasim?

Rechasim is a gorgeous makom Torah. It offers the advantages of small town living with a large city nearby (Haifa).  Life is much quieter than in the city, children can walk alone on the streets (day or night), people know one another.

A warm, down-to-earth community which is a great place to raise young children, to make friends, to live a frum and calm life, with more and more young Anglo couples moving in.