Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 2

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Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 2 is one of the Chareidi neighborhoods of Ramat Beit Shemesh.


The first residents moved in early 2019.


Around 1950 families have made their homes in RBS Gimmel 2. About 300 families are Anglos, many of which either moved in after a few years of moving to Israel as newlyweds, or there are even some families who came “off the boat” from making Aliyah, straight into the neighborhood. There are also a large number of “second generation” Olim (children whose parents made Aliyah, speak English, although are very well integrated) . It is a very Olim friendly place and the people are extremely welcoming and helpful.

Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 2 is mainly Yeshivish and Chassidish.

The community has a very diverse Chareidi population. All types; Yerushalmi, Sefardi, Chasidi etc.

Gimmel 2 has a very Heimishe atmosphere with its diverse crown and many Shteiblech.


Although there is no official English Rav yet, the area is also home to many learned individuals such as retired Roshei Yeshivos.


There are currently two official Litvish shuls. They are both under Rabbi Meisels. Heichal HaTorah is completely Anglo and Ayeles HaShachar is a large mixture of Anglos, second generation Anglo, and Israelis.

Furthermore, every Chassidus in the neighborhood has their own shul. Rabbi Rabinowitz, a tremendous Talmid Chachom who recently authored a famous Halacha Sefer, heads a chassidish shtiebel called תפארת יעקב. This shul is Klal Chasidi- not a specific Chassidus.


Many chassidish chaderim have opened in the neighborhood, one is קהל חסידי.

The local Sefardi Cheder is called נתיב התורה.

Plus there are two Litvish/Yeshivish chaderim, “Ayeles Hashachar'' is taught under Rav Shteinman hashkafah (mainstream Chareidi) Elementary aged girls attend either the Bais Yaakov in RBS Aleph, or the following two Anglo schools there; Bnos Melech and Magen Avot. These schools provide  ransportation for the students, and can be a 10-15 minute walk from the edge of the neighborhood.

This coming year a chassidish elementary girls school is opening.

Additionally, there are two seminars in the border area between Gimmel 1 and Gimmel 2 which is called הושיע.

Groups & Programs

There is an Anglo full day kollel run by Rabbi Moshe Komornik. Additionally there is Daf Yomi shiurim and an evening kollel too.

Gimmel 2 has an active Neshei for women. They are a very friendly English speaking group who have done a few events, but mainly keep in touch through email-  supporting, giving friendly advice, helping one another, and being primarily there for each other.

There is an interest in a future library.

Geography & Climate

It is located south of Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph, overlooking the Nachal Yarmut Park. To the east of Gimmel 2 is Neve Shamir (RBS Hei), and to the west is Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 1.

RBS Gimmel 2 is extremely close to RBS Aleph, a full fledged city neighborhood with all the needs of a Chareidi family. For comparison, it’s like Boro Park and Flatbush, or Lakewood and Toms River. Residents living in Gimmel 2 have all their amenities “at their doorstep”

The neighborhood is built on a beautiful hill and there are many steps, shortcuts, and paths to other areas. In addition, there are many landscapes, parks, and greenery which beautify the place and at the same time give children the space to let out their energy in a creative and safe setting.

During the summer, the weather is hot and in the winter it's cool. It doesn’t get to the point of freezing and the area is not particularly humid either.


Besides for several villas on the border of Gimmel 1 and Gimmel 2 , area הושיע, all the housing are Apartment buildings.

They are spacious, well built, and all come with an outdoor area, being a yard or large porch.

“Wolfson”, an Anglo project, has beautiful architecture with arches and more than 100 apartments in the complex. It is the heaviest Anglo- Saxon area.

Miriam Hanevia and Ovadiah are blocks that are likewise home to  many English speaking families.


Yerushalayim is approximately 35 minutes by car and 40 minutes by bus #419 (to Ramat Eshkol). In addition, there are buses constantly to Bnei Brak and Beitar.

People can definitely get around with public transportation easily, smoothly, and quickly.


There is a mix of men either learning or working.

Most of the women bring in  Parnassa by working in typical jobs such as teachers, secretaries, stores…. There are several who are more in professional fields too.


RBS Gimmel 2 has four shopping streets featuring two supermarkets, two butcher shops, a bakery, hardware store, bank, and a few other stores. Right on the outskirts, an area is currently under construction building a new large major mall!

Residents proudly say that there is never a need to leave Ramat Beit Shemesh to purchase any item.  

Medical Services

RBS Gimmel 2 boasts all the medical kupat cholim!

Meuhedet, Clalit, Leumit, and Macabi with a pharmacy.

This makes it easier for residents to not have to travel out of their neighborhood for any medical need.

Community Codes and Standards


Why Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel 2?

Very warm frum feeling. Kids play on the street on Shabbos without having to be concerned about cars. Very big mix of all kinds of frum Yidden of every kind of affiliation. It has a quieter feeling, somewhat of a suburban touch, but still very close to all the stores and institutions that RBS A has to offer.

Many parks and greenery making it very beautiful.


Elisha Bruck: 054-8467535