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Ma'ale Amos (Hebrew: מַעֲלֵה עָמוֹס, lit Ascent of Amos) is a Chareidi community yishuv in the Yehuda Desert.

Located 20 km southeast of Yerushalayim, at an elevation of 725 meters above sea level, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gush Etzion Regional Council. In 2018 it had a population of 535.


The yishuv was established in 1981, and was named after the navi Amos, who lived in the village of Tekoa nearby.


All residents identify themselves exclusively as Chareidi, though including very diverse types: baalebatim, avreichim, yeshivish, chassidish, frum-from-birth, ba'alei teshuvah, geirim, etc.

There are about 50 veteran families who have been recently joined by another about 50 who moved into newly constructed apartments. From the core group, about a third are English speakers.

Up until recently, most of the residents were immigrants from the United States and Russia. Most of the original core group of the residents identify as Litvish, though there are Chassidim and Sephardim as well. The Chassidim include Amshinov, Breslov, and Boyan, and lately, an large contingent of Biala Chassidim.

There are about 45 families of Biala Chassidim, and the Biala Rebbe has bought an apartment with the intention of settling here.


Rav Ze’ev Wolf Charlop shlita is the rav of the community. A native of New York, Rav Charlap speaks fluent English, though the he delivers his shiurim in Hebrew.

Rav Dovid Steinhaus, a native of England, is the rosh kollel. He has authored numerous seforim in Hebrew and English.

Rabbi Avraham Moshe Rabinowitz from Israel is the rabbi of the Hasidic community. He speaks fluent English, and is the youngest son of the Rebbe Mbila Lugano.

Shuls and other

The yishuv boasts two shuls, one Litvish (nusach Ashkenaz) and one Chassidish (Biala).

There is one mikveh taharah,


There is a local Cheider, elementary Bais Yaakov, pre-schools, a library, shiurim, learning programs for boys, workshops for boys, girls, and women.

There is a Talmud Torah for children in the Yiddish language that is run by the Hasidim of Byala





Community Codes and Standards