Kiryat Sefer

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Kiryat Sefer (Hebrew: ####) is a neighborhood in the city of Modi'in Illit.




10-20% chutznik, many English speakers.

Characteristics of community include chessed, mutual trust, safe atmosphere for children.


Rabbi Meir Kessler is the official mara d'asra. There are several rabbonim and mechanchim that are English speakers, available to answer questions and provide guidance.


Countless shuls of all types - Litvish, Chassidish and Sefardic.

Mikvaos for dishes and such are open 24 hours a day.

24 drop-offs for genizah.


Hundreds of educational institutions.

Groups & Programs:

N'shei, and Program for Women past 50-many English speakers

Arts and craft classes of all types for children and adults.

A large local library, separate daily hours for women and children, and separate weekly hours for men.

Geography & Climate

Low hills.

Many parks & playgrounds.


apartments, and small units for rental


very good bus transportation to Jerusalem and Bnei Brak daily. Some daily buses to Beit Shesmesh, Beitar, and Elad.


Lots of opportunities for English Speaking women


Most people live within a two minute walk from a grocery, and little shops selling everything from disposable goods to eggs, eye glasses to clothing are everywhere.

There are gemachim for almost everything (i.e. haircutting machine, extra tables or chairs, inhalation machines, hot water urns, car seats, etc.)

Medical Services:

Many doctors, dentists, therapists and pharmacies of all kupot cholim.

Very good services for a small town, including emergency services.

Community Codes and Standards:

Chareidi standards.

High level of modesty, people who are working on themselves, and consider shmiras hamitzvos and Talmud Torah paramount.

Simplicity, but conveniences are the norm.


a very big Anglo community.

Why Kiryat Sefer?

For those who would enjoy total immersion into a frum atmosphere, it can’t be beat!

Kiryat Sefer is a great place to learn the ropes, as the Anglo community is very big and there are a lot of options for women, and for men in terms of kollelim.