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Givat HaMivtar (Hebrew: ####) is a neighborhood in the city of Yerushalayim with a substantial Chareidi and Anglo Chareidi presence.



There are several hundred families in the neighborhood.

Over the last 15 years has become increasingly Chareidi. There is also a mix of religious Sephardi including bnei Torah, as well as Mizrachi. The Americans are from diverse backgrounds, including yeshivish, working, and baalei teshuvah. Many are young. The Anglo community is about two-thirds settled and one-third transient (planning to be in Eretz Yisroel for just a few years).


Rav Shlomo Amar, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel

Rav Yitzchok Horowitz, rav and posek, American, English and Hebrew-speaking. He is rav of Beit HaKnesset Givat HaMivtar.


Sephardic shul, headed by Rav Amar

Beit HaKnesset Givat HaMivtar (also known as Landman's), is the normal yeshivish shul.

Aish Kalman is a Carlebach-style (neo-Chassidish) shul, which has both Israeli and American members.


There are many ganim (preschools) in the neighborhood, but for elementary and high school, kids go to the mosdos in other neighborhoods.

There are a few post-high school yeshivos, catering to Israelis, Americans, and English bochurim.

Groups & Programs

Geography & Climate

The neighborhood consists of 4 streets - Sheshet HaYamim, Midbar Sinai, Metzrei Tiran and Mifratz Shlomo. Between Ramat Eshkol and HaGiv'ah HaTzarfatit (French Hill)

On top of a mountain, elevated with a beutiful views. Lots of steps, from Mitzpe Tiran street on top down to Sheshet HaYamim street at the bottom.


Mostly expensive private houses, some basement apartments, and some apartment buildings.


Many locals drive cars or ride bikes.



There is no shopping in the neighborhood. Shopping is available in nearby Ramat Eshkol or HaGiv'ah HaTzarfatit (Frech Hill). This can be a two to seven-minute walk.

Medical Services

Community Codes and Standards


Why Givat HaMivtar?


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