Arzei HaBira

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Arzei HaBira is a neighborhood in Yerushalayim.



It is a mix of Anglos (young kollel families and retirees) as well as Israelis (Chassidish, Litvish and Sefardim).



There are several shuls.


There is a Bais Yaakov Day care center as well as Bais Yaakov Ganim for ages 3, 4, and 5. There are private ganim and babysitting groups also.

Groups & Programs

There are several kollelim.

There is an active Anglo Women's Neshei (Senior and Junior Divisions) with regular shiurim and get togethers.

Geography & Climate

Arzei HaBira is a small self contained community bordered by the following streets: Bar Lev, Shimon Hatzaddik, and Shmuel HaNavi.

It is a 10 min walk to the Mir, Meah Shearim, a 20 min walk to Ramat Eshkol, Geula, and Ezrat Torah and a 30 minute walk to the Old City.

There is a main park situated in the middle of the community with large open grassy areas.


Prices for apartments average in the 2.5k to 4 million NIS range to purchase and 6,000 nis to 8,000 nis for rent.


The Jerusalem light rail line has a train station adjacent to the community. Bus lines are on the main roads around the community.



There are 2 makolets (groceries) that specialize in American food products.

Medical Services

Community Codes and Standards


Why Arzei HaBira?