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Agan HaAyalot - playground

Agan HaAyalot (Hebrew: ####), also known as Giv'at Ze'ev HaChadashah (Hebrew: #### גִּבְעַת זְאֵב), is a Chareidi neighborhood located in the Giv'at Ze'ev municipal district, at the northern edge of the greater Yerushalayim area.

There are two entrances to Agan HaAyalot. One by driving through Giv'at Ze'ev and continuing through until Again HaAyalot. The other entrance is directly from route 443. Agan HaAyalot is approximately 6 minutes from Ramot and 15 minutes from the center of Yerushalayim.

Giv'at Ze'ev houses about 5,000 families and 20,000 residents. Agan HaAyalot is a separate neighborhood a few minutes drive from Giv'at Ze'ev with a little over 900 families.

The community is close to Yerushalayim but is known to be a relaxed and quiet community.

Pictures of Agan HaAyalot


The neighborhood was built in 2004.


Over 900 families have already made their homes here. Anglos estimated at 25%-30% of the population, mostly Yeshivish or Chassidish. There are several families of Ba'alei Teshuvah who are very well integrated. The neighborhood is home to a large Belz community of 200 families, of which 5%-10% are Anglos.

Most men learn in kollel and some work part time in various yeshivos and seminaries, while many women work to support their families. Some immigrants continue working their American jobs from home.

In most families here, the men who work were first in kollel for a few years.


Rav Wittenstein, who is American, is rav of many Anglo families, although his shul functions officially in Hebrew.

Rav Ephraim Landy, also American, is the Rav of Aderes Eliyahu.

Rav Horowitz is a Chassidish rav who has two shuls catering to the Israeli bnei yeshivos.

Rav Golan and Rav Kahana have a more balebatish crowd.

There are 4 Sefardic rabbanim, including one Moroccan.


A shul in Agan HaAyalot

Aderes Eliyah, is an American style shul where most of the members are anglo speakers including the Rav, Rav Ephraim Landy. The official language of the shul is Hebrew. About 75 families are connected to the shul.

Minyan Avreichim is another Asheknazi yeshivish shul where a number of anglos attend. The shul also houses a kollel under the auspicies of Rav Zilberstein.

Belz shul and beis midrash


Playground in Agan HaAyalot

There are three cheiders - one Sefardic and two Litvish. The two Litvish cheiders are call Givas Oilam and Darchei Moshe. All three are Yeshivish Israeli Hebrew-speaking. There is also a Belz cheider and gan (preschool), and they also have their own classes in the local Bais Yaakov.

Girls attend the local Bais Yaakov which also has separate English classes. There are many gans and daycares; government funded and private. The local schools integrate the students very well into Israeli Chareidi society.

A yeshiva gedolah recently opened in the community called Migdal Oz, with a new campus spread out over a few small buildings.

Groups & Programs

There are Daf Yomi and gemara shiurim, and a kollel also for balebatim.

The local N'shei hosts various programs, shiurim, and classes for women.

There are also learning programs for children.

Geography & Climate

Agan HaAyalot is in a valley. The weather is a few degrees lower than Yerushalayim.

In general there is a nice breezy wind.


Small apartment buildings in Agan HaAyalot

There are many apartment buildings with six to eight units. There are also many semi-detached houses and duplexes with private entrances. Every house has a yard or large porch.

A typical apartment can cost anywhere between 1.5 - 2.5 million NIS, depending on the size.

Rent ranges between 3,000-6,000 NIS.


Cars parked in Agan HaAyalot. You can live without a car here, but it does make life easier.

It's a 13-14 kilometer drive to Yerushalayim.

There are 3 different bus lines/routes. On busy hours buses run about every 10-15 minutes. It is approximately a 10 to 15-minute bus ride to the shopping mall in Ramot, and a half-hour bus ride to Ramat Eshkol. The local transportation is quick and very reliable.

By car, it's just over 10 minutes to Ramot and about 20 minutes to the Mir Yeshiva.

Though owning a car definitely makes traveling easier, it is not a necessity.



The shopping center includes a large supermarket, Shefa Birchas Hashem, that provides freshly stocked goods, a seforim store, a toy store, socks store, shekel store, sheitel macher, and stationery shop.

There is also a Mishnat Yosef initiative and Mechira Schunatit. (Programs where families order there groceries and there is a delivery for the whole community to a local pick up point once a week and families come and pick up their orders.)

Medical Services

There is a branch of Meuhedet including a pharmacy, and a branch of Klalit.

Community Codes and Standards


Why Agan HaAyalot?

Enjoy the great quality living, suburban open space, and a wonderful residential atmosphere which includes all the community services required by large frum families.


Rav Ephraim Landy: 052-761-2476

R' Chaim Friedman, avreich and member of the American shul, Aderes Eliyahu: 058-323-8254

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