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General Overview

When immigrating to Eretz Yisroel or choosing a community here, there are multiple competing factors that you must juggle to help you determine where to move.

Here are some:

1) Where you may find job opportunities,

2) Where your children will have the greatest chance for success in integration,

3) Where you can find housing that suits your taste,

4) Where you can find housing that you can afford,

5) Where you feel that your family can make an impact on the community,

6) Where you can have an environment that fits in better with your personal values (i.e. religious diversity etc.),

7) Where you can find a rav that you like,

8) Where you can find friends or people from similar backgrounds,

and many more.

You need to make a very clear "pecking order" of which of these concerns is MOST important to you and which is less so. You should make your decisions based on what your real priorities are, and you should consult with your rav to confirm that your personal priorities are the right thing for you.

There are many who conclude that the highest priority on their list should be their children's integration, and therefore the search for housing/community would be based around that priority. Once you have your main priority clear, you will have an easier time filtering through the different communities, and when you do your research on each community, you will be able to ask the right questions to figure out if the community at hand matches your priority requirements.

Best of Luck!