Ramat Giv'at Ze'ev

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Ramat Giv'at Ze'ev is a new neighborhood developed in 2013 between Givat Ze'ev and Agan HaAyalot. Ramat Giv'at Ze'ev (RGZ) is a Chareidi neighborhood located in the Giv'at Ze'ev municipal district, at the northern edge of the greater Yerushalayim area.

Giv'at Ze'ev houses about 5,000 families and 20,000 residents. RGZ is a separate neighborhood a few minutes drive from Giv'at Ze'ev with a few hundred families.

The community offers a high standard of living, including state of the art apartments and parks.

The 400 housing units include both single-family houses and multi-family apartment buildings. The development was marketed towards English-speaking religious Jews making Aliyah to Israel.

Pictures of Ramat Giv'at Ze'ev


The community is comprised mainly of Sephardim and American ashkenazim. The population is estimated to be about 30% anglo.

There are a number of middle aged/empty nesters from America who bought apartments in the community and live in RGZ part of the year. On Yom Tov when most of the families come into town there is a noticeable difference in the size of the community,


The kehillah is mainly baalebatim with a few avreichim.


Rav Tzvi Rodinsky - Rosh Kollel (American)

Rav Aharon Bar Chaim gives daf yomi shiur in the Sephardi shul

Rav Avi Horowitz gives a shiur in the Ashkenazi shul (English-speaker)


There are two sephardi shuls. There is an Ashkenazi American Kollel with 13 avreichim, run by Rav Tzvi Rodinsky originally from Monsey. The Kollel is located in a shul run by the Chabad Rabbi of the community.

The main Ashkenazi shul, Ohel Avraham, has daily minyaim and on Shabbat the minyan there is about 100 people.


Boy's Cheder - Toras Chessed

The Cheider and girls school, both called Torat Chessed, are mamlachti-Chareidi

Groups & Programs

The kollel hosts a night seder for the whole community Thursday nights.

Geography & Climate

RGZ is in a valley. The weather is a few degrees lower than Yerushalayim.

In general there is a nice breezy wind.



You can live without a car here, but it does make life easier. It's a 13-14 kilometer drive to Yerushalayim.

By car, it's just over 10 minutes to Ramot and about 20 minutes to the Mir Yeshiva.




RGZ has it's own retail stores and makolet.

In Agan HaAyalot a few minutes away there is a large supermarket, Shefa Birchas Hashem, that provides freshly stocked goods, a seforim store, a toy store, socks store, shekel store, sheitel macher, and stationery shop.

There is also a Mishnat Yosef initiative and Mechira Schunatit. (Programs where families order there groceries and there is a delivery for the whole community to a local pick up point once a week and families come and pick up their orders.)

Medical Services[edit | edit source]

In Agan HaAyalot, two minute drive away, there is a branch of Meuhedet including a pharmacy, and a branch of Klalit.

Community Codes and Standards


Why Ramat Givat Ze'ev?


Enjoy the high standard of living, and quiet neighborhood within close proximity to Yerushalayim.,


"In the sought-after area in Jerusalem’s suburbs, just a few minutes’ drive from Israel’s capital, on a mountain ridge facing exquisite Jerusalem views, lies the luxurious Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood. The neighborhood includes approximately 400 housing units.

The neighborhood includes approximately 130 unit of private and semi-private homes from 250 square meters (2,690 sqf) and up to 450 square meters (4,843 sqf), offering a variety of exclusive villas planned by the Israel’s leading architects."


Rav Tzvi Rodinsky - Rosh Kollel (English Speaker): 058-656-7322

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