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Immanuel - parkgrounds
Immanuel - apartments and semi-private medoragim (stepped houses) under construction
Avira D'Eretz Yisroel Communities Tour #1 - Immanuel tour directed by Eliezer Biller, community askan and developer
Immanuel - view from porch of semi-private medoragim house under construction
Immanuel - walkway

Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵל, also spelled Emanuel), is a local council located in the Shomron.


Immanuel was founded in 1983 as the first Charedi city in the Shomron.


Mostly Chareidi. Currently there are almost 1000 families living in Emanuel with the planned construction of additional 600 apartments, some of which are already underway. Approx 2-4% native English speakers.

The community boasts all age groups. There are Ashkenazim, Chasidim, Sefardim and Temanim.  Residents of Immanuel describe their community as one in which people are consciously working on enhancing their spiritual growth. The residents value the pure and idealistic life they live, and make many sacrifices to live in a Kollel community. Residents live on modest incomes and generally dwell with their large families in small apartments.

The community is full of warmth, chessed, and emunah.



There are over 20 Shuls, many of which have Kollels. In addition, there are 2 night Kollels.


Talmud Torah Ashkenazi (Slonim Chassidish)

Talmud Torah Sephardi (two)

Talmud Torah Chabad

Beit Ya'akov Ashkenazi

Beit Ya'akov Chassidish

Beit Ya'akov Sephardi

Beit Ya'akov Chabad

Yeshiva Katana - Sephardi

Groups & Programs

Torah classes are available daily.

There is a library in town and a beautiful swimming pool with separate times for men/women

There is a small children’s zoo.

There are many gemachs for clothing, food, simchas, and help for new mothers and needy families.

There are always special activities for Chol Hamoed and Ben Hazmanim, for children as well as adults. Chugim for younger children are also available.

Geography & Climate

Located in the beautiful mountains of the Shomron.

There are many parks everywhere  – in all neighborhoods.

A beautiful walkway along the whole length of the town offers residents an opportunity to view the surrounding mountains and communities while improving their health.


There are many options for housing, ranging from villas to apartments to duplexes. It is advisable to speak with someone who knows the area before looking for an apartment, because prices range widely by location and size.


2 bedroom (called 3 rooms) apartments start at 500,000 NIS

3 bedroom (called 4 rooms) apartments start at 600,000 NIS


2 bedroom (called 3 rooms) apartments start at 1,600 NIS

3 bedroom (called 4 rooms) apartments start at 2,000 NIS


Daily bus transportation is available to Jerusalem, Ariel and Bnei Brak six days a week; on Friday, buses shuttle residents to several other locations all throughout the country.

Emanuel is located 35 minutes (by car) or one hour (by bus) east of Bnei Brak, 15 min north-west of Ariel and 1 hour (by car) two hours (by bus) from Yerushalayim. These cities can be accessed through Egged and Afikim bus service.


Residents work in a variety of professions. Some are involved in education locally, others find employment in nearby businesses, or towns like Ariel, Barkan Industrial Zone, and Karnei Shomron. Some residents also travel to cities like Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Petach Tikva, and Hertzilya.


Immanuel has a small shopping center with a post office, hardware/household goods store, stationary store, shoe stores, clothing store, gift shop and candy store. There are three small grocery stores and one Makolet, and many small privately home run stores.

Medical Services

Clalit and Leumit healthcare providers have clinics in  Emanuel which are open daily, as well as an emergency care center that opens when needed.

Community Codes & Standards


It is important to note that there is an acceptance committee (Va’adat HaRabanim) that all potential residents must meet with in order to be accepted into the community.

Immanuel does not offer olim services per se, but the community is very welcoming and helpful!

There are Ulpan classes offered in Ra’anana which is about a 50 minute bus ride. The center offers Ulpanim on a variety of levels, daycare, and counseling services.

Ariel runs an Ulpan for level Aleph, 2-3 times a week and offers a professional Ulpan.

Why Immanuel?

Immanuel offers small-town life with many perks. It is a rapidly growing affordable community full of fresh air and a breath taking view!


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