Bayit Vegan

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Bayit VeGan (Hebrew: בית וגן) is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem. Bayit VeGan is located to the east of Mount Herzl and borders the neighborhoods of Kiryat HaYovel and Givat Mordech.

Most of its residents are chareidi, and within its boundaries there is a large concentration of mosdos and synagogues . Among the main yeshivas in the neighborhood are Yeshiva Kol Torah , Yeshiva Or Baruch , Yeshiva Kol Ya'akov , Yeshiva Nativ Meir , Yeshiva Netivot Hochma (Wolfson). Over the years, many rebbes saw the Beit Vagan neighborhood as a good place, and chose to make their home there. These rebbes included the Rebbe of Amshinov , the Rebbe of Suchachov, the Rebbe of Yohanan Tverski of Tolna , and the Rebbe of Radzin . Today, there are two prominent Hasidic centers in the neighborhood, and they are the Amshinov and Suchachov Hasidic communities. Other central institutions are Kiryat Nuer , Himmelfarb High School , and Boyar High School .

In recent years, large groups of new immigrants from France and South America have settled in the neighborhood centrally. According to data from 2010-2015, this neighborhood holds the record for the number of immigrants who came to it (1,100 immigrants)